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We offer customized training programs as per our client’s need

Sustainability Enthusiast, Advocate 

I am a strong advocate of Sustainable Development and my research, consulting work are aligned with some projects parked in the same arena. I also teach Sustainability as a Guest Lecturer for Amity University and gave several talks in that regard. 

Strategy & HR Consulting Services.

Our team consists of academics, management consultants, and social science researchers. We have been providing business and institutional solutions.

Our Consulting Services

  1. Comprehensive Market Research Services
  2. Customer Perception Survey Solutions
  3. Expert-led Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)
  4. Strategic People Planning and Policy Formation
  5. HR and Cultural Assessment and Auditing
  6. In-depth Job Analysis and Design Services
  7. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Solutions
  8. Employee Skill and People Development Programs
  9. Customized Institutional Curriculum Development
  10. Corporate Coaching and Professional Training
  11. Reward Management and Salary Benchmarking
  12. Career Planning and Employee Engagement Strategies
  13. Workplace Safety and Employee Well-being Solutions
  14. Work Ethics and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Programs
  15. Organizational Change Management Consulting
  16. Business Strategy and Planning Services
  17. Financial Planning and Investment Consulting
  18. Sustainability and SDG Implementation Guidance